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Decorating with vintage books is a such a great way to add character, color, texture, and height to a space!  

My hubby got me this amazing antique dictionary from 1895 for our 10th anniversary ? She’s a beast and I’m just crazy about her!

A fun way to decorate with vintage books is to turn them so the pages face forward to keep a neutral look if things are getting too busy.

There are no rules when using vintage items, so why do books all need to be facing the same direction? They don’t! It adds texture and interest to mix them up!

Here’s an example of how I used stacked vintage books to add height in this vignette.

You will rarely find a picture of mine without a stack (or two) of books! You don’t have to have bookends, they look so sweet stacked with little curios atop!

Another example of how facing the pages forward keep a consistent look, but adds so much texture!

Stacked books on the bed added just the right amount of height for this vignette!

Vintage books really are the perfect accessory! 

Tip: They work great as a filler as well! When I was putting this together it felt like something was missing, added a couple of books and voila it completed the look!

Bonus: a lot of vintage books have hand writing from the original owner and lots of times a date which is just sooooo cool!

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    This post is amazing! Love the handwriting too! So fun. 🙂

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