Vintage: baskets, crates, and crocs

Some of my favorite vintage finds are of the caddy variety! Baskets, crates, and crocs, oh my! They have so much character and history they can stand on their own, or accessorize with flowers, other vintage odds and ends, or put a modern twist on them! Not to mention, they’ll never go out of style! Here are some ways that I incorporate vintage caddies in my home!

This antique crate on the middle shelf houses the bottles that I have displayed on the top shelf, but it’s just so beautiful in all its distressed goodness it looks wonderful empty and stands on its own!

You can’t go wrong with wooden spoons in a crock! 

Tip: if you ever stumble across a mini crate and demijohn GET IT! They’re few and far between!

Tulip crates are one of my all time favorites! I think that look awesome stacked on their own and add so much character to a space!

Tip: You can stack four and you’ve got yourself a side table! 

Metal baskets are so fun to style! It can be a bit of a challenge because of the shape, but once you’ve done it you’ll feel so proud of yourself! 

Tip: I use a couple of round objects to fill the edges, but you don’t have to cram a gazillion small things in to fill the space…I learned that the looooong hard way, super frustrating ? But when you can see spacing in areas it shows off the basket!

This is my vintage caddy hub! They all work together because “vintage” is the common thread.

Tulip crates make for awesome center pieces!

Flowers in objects other than a vase are sooooo charming!

When I find a crate with bottles I snag it! They’re perfect for displaying flowers, and look killer on their own!

This was my grandma Rosemary’s antique wire basket, I love to fill it up with fresh produce!

Tip: Use moss! A pop of green in a vintage tray is ?

Larger crocs can conceal miscellaneous objects! This one has random Lego pieces I find around the house ? You can’t see them, but they’re there! 

White enamelware ups your farmhouse kitchen factor like that {snap}

A vintage French Market basket is the bomb diggity! I use it to hold towels and flip flops when going out to the pond, and when picking wildflowers!

Crates are a fantastic for storing throw pillows too!

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  2. Jordan | 10th Aug 16

    Lucy, I still cannot get over how stunning your home is! I love the way you incorporate all kinds of vintage caddies into your rooms. Its all so gorgeous!

  3. P.W. | 10th Aug 16

    Lucy, Beautiful photos! I love them all, but especially how you’ve decorated the wood workbench!

  4. Jessica | 11th Aug 16

    Oh wow!!! Your photos and your home are truly stunning. I love every detail!!

  5. Sarah - The Belmont Ranch | 11th Aug 16

    Seriously every single photo is perfection! I love the tulip crate. I can’t find any of those around here! Hmmm I will be keeping my eyes peeled though, that’s for sure! Love what you did with yours and all of your vintage goodies. xoxox

  6. Daraka | 11th Aug 16

    Gosh your home belongs in a magazine!! I adore every single thing!! So beautiful!

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