The Sparrow House : Exposing Brick

When we saw the house for the first time, one of the first things I noticed was this hole in the wall, and not just because it was a hole in the wall ? but because of this beautiful red hue peeking through! My jaw dropped and I thought, “could it be? Did someone plaster over brick in the kitchen?!” So I may, or may not have chipped at it a little more ? Using my better judgment…meaning, my husband told me to stop ✋… I went to investigate! Behold the chimney on the rooftop appearing to be in the same location ? 

And then I knew! We went to checkout the basement and there it was in all its distressed red beauty, directly below the holey plaster in the kitchen! 

Well, when the papers were signed, guess what the first thing I did was…after a happy dance…expose the brick!

YES!!!! Bold and beautiful!

Armed with an edger, hammer, and appropriate safety gear ? I went to work!

Voila! Our first hidden gem! I’m certain we will come across hidden things that we wish we hadn’t, as you would in a 112 year old home, but it’s all apart of the adventure! Can’t wait to share more of what we uncover with you along the way, sweet friends! 


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  1. Kelly | 21st Mar 17

    Lucy I am so excited for your new adventure! Colorado will miss you!?

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