Subway Tile Series : Choosing a Size

Choosing subway tile is a lot like going to the grocery store to get paper towels. You think, “I’m going to use subway tile!” and then you go to source it and find that, like paper towels, there are a gazillion kinds to choose from! From size, color, texture, and material type it’s extremely overwhelming, so for the sake of all of our sanity, we’re going to use white ceramic as our constant. The three sizes most common sizes are 3 x 6, 3 x 12, and 4 x 12.

  1. The “classic” subway tile size is 3 x 6.

2. The 3 x 12 a more modern take on the classic 3 x 6, and it’s absolutely stunning installed!


3. The 4 x 12 may be my favorite! I tend to lean towards the classic 3 x 6, but the 4 x 12 is giving me all the heart eyes!

Source: The Yellow Brick Home

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