Styling Paperwhite Bulbs

Don’t you just love paperwhite bulbs in an antique dough bowl! It’s definitely one of my favorite arrangements! This dough bowl belonged to my Grandma Rosemary, who was the most magical, whimsical, soulful person to ever grace this earth. It hit me that this gorgeous piece needed to be showcased, and that Paperwhite bulbs would look stunning in it. I ordered some faux paperwhites to find that this dough bowl was too shallow, and I could not for the life of me get the bulbs to stand, even after attempting to pack moss around them! So, I had to get creative! Here is what I did..



And voilà!





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Birdie Farm

Birdie Farm

Hi! I’m Lucy Rose, and welcome to my farmhouse lifestyle blog!



  1. Liz | 8th Jun 16

    Oh Lucy! This is so stunning! Thank you for the helpful tips ?

  2. Mary Anne | 8th Jun 16

    So creative!

  3. littlehomereloved | 8th Jun 16

    This is gorgeous! I think I just found an excuse to search for more dough bowls!!

  4. Honor Hill | 9th Jun 16

    Brill, Lucy Rose! I look forward to checking your blog frequently. Love your tribute to Rosemary too. One thing I don’t understand–are you saying those these bulbs are faux? If so, amazing! And also VERY Rosemary!

    • birdiefarm
      birdiefarm | 9th Jun 16

      They ARE faux!!! Thank you so much, Honor!!!

  5. Carma | 9th Jun 16

    I love your Instagram feed and your couple blog posts. How do I access past posts?

    • birdiefarm
      birdiefarm | 9th Jun 16

      Thank you so much! I just started my blog and these are my only two posts as of now 🙂

  6. Leslie | 14th Jun 16

    Where did you find faux bulbs. I’ve been looking for some. I have a metal poultry feeder that I want to create the same type of arrangement for my table.

    • birdiefarm
      birdiefarm | 14th Jun 16

      I love that! I got them from magnolia farmhouse!

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