20 of my favorite things: Painted Fox

Does anyone else love online shopping?! One of my absolute favorite online shops is the Painted Fox! I had a hard time sleeping last night, so naturally I got online and filled up a shopping cart full of farmhouse swag! Here is my Wishlist!

1. Green Amo Canisters

Amo canisters are one of my favorite things to use to add weight to a room.  They definitely add a cool factor to a space.

Recycled Ammo Canister

2. The Louise

Oh my heavens! Deconstructed perfection!!! I would give my left arm for this gorgeous piece of French farmhouse deliciousness! My great grandfather was a full blooded Frenchmen, so I pretend to be more French than I actually am, and this fabulous piece fits perfectly in that dream world!

The Louise

3. Milk Bottle Flower Holder

How cute is this?! I’d keep fresh cut flowers in this cutie all the time!

Milk Bottle Flower Holder

4. Sage

So I have a sage bush, but I move it all the time, because it is the perfect pop of greenery for any space! Highly recommend this faux plant! It’s a good one.

Sage Dreams

5. By the light of the moon duet

Could not be more perfectly named! This is at the top of my “saving up for” list! I just swoon over these babies!

By the Light of the Moon Duet

6. Dumb Bells

Oh me, oh my! Being an avid Instagrammer, I look at theses and think #thursdaytrays and #vivalavignettetuesday!

Dumb Bells

7. Mae Rose: Wooden Beads

{gasp} there are no words for this stunning piece! Think of all the places you could drape this beauty!

Mae Rose : Wooden Beads

8. Farmhouse Natural Wood Slat

I LOVE these wood slats! It adds a bit of texture and height. I especially love to put candles on them!

Farmhouse Natural Wood Slat

9. The Mary Grace

Heavens to Betsy! Farm.House.Swag at its finest! I die over this beauty! This would be a stunner in so many different places! The office, a console table, an entry table! Oh the possibilities!

The Mary Grace

10. Chopping Block

So I have an undying love for butcher blocks. And these are just magnificent!

Single Handled Chopping Block

11. The Gideon

How incredible would this be as a kitchen island! HELLO FARMHOUSE! ?

The Gideon

12. The Doucette

I am in the market for a coffee table, and this one is at the top of my list! The cup pulls, that wood, the size, it’s perfection!

The Doucette

13. The Chancey

So before we built our forever home, we moved around a lot, and this is absolutely something I would have used in a kitchen makeover! Beautiful open shelving, and plenty of closed door storage!

The Chancey

14. Rustic Raindrops

I have a love affair with rustic industrial romantic light fixtures and this one makes my heart go pitter pat!

Rustic Raindrops

Here’s an example of how I incorporated rustic industrial romance into my farmhouse dining room…

15. The Zane

Would this not look perfect in a bathroom to store hand towels, bar soaps, and other accoutrements?! Love.It.

The Zane

16. The Amelia

Let’s take a moment of silence over this incredible, butcher block inspired, dining table……… Okay, WOW. Just wow.

The Amelia

17. The Farmhouse Sign

This metal sign adds some farmhouse swag, no question about it!

Farmer’s Market Sign

18. After all this time: Sugarboo

I ❤️ sugarboo. The end.

After All This Time : Sugarboo

19. Tobacco Baskey Pair

Layering is my jam. It’s a weakness. And tobacco baskets would feed into my love of layering so well!!! Aren’t they divine!

Tobacco Basket Pair

20. Mason Jar Rack

Last, but certainly not least, is the mason jar rack/ Rae Dunn mug rack {wink, wink} Simple, useful, gorgeous. Perfect addition to any kitchen, in my humble opinion.

Mason Jar Rack

I seriously could list every.single.thing, but these are my top 20! Thank you so much for stopping by my loves! xoxo PROMO CODES: LOVE20 for 20% off and SWEETSUMMER for 25% off new arrivals!


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  1. inkandmuse | 17th Jun 16

    If I won I would have to go for: The Eloise Tray, Hot & Cold and the Benson Mason Lantern. Love all those!

    • Ally | 21st Jun 16

      If I had a $150 gift card, I would use to buy chopping blocks, which I’m so in love with right now, and a pair of tobacco baskets!

  2. Brooke | 17th Jun 16

    How can you possibly choose from all the great things. If I win the gift card I think I would get the farmers market sign…oh its hard to choose. Soooo excited! Hop I win!

    • Taylor DaSilva | 19th Jun 16

      If I won the $150 it would go towards purchasing a couch that I very much need! Lol Made the wrong choice in going with the couch that was from a local store that we haven’t even had two years.

  3. Tiffany C. | 17th Jun 16

    If I had a $150 giftcard, I would get a horse wind vane that I have had my eye on and I would also get one or 2 of their canvas purses, so cute!!!

  4. Holly Sucher | 17th Jun 16

    If I win the $150 gift card I would get the magnolia wreath fore sure and maybe even one of their awesome script frames!

  5. Melissa Koller | 17th Jun 16

    Oh lordy…the choice is so very very hard. If I won the $150 I THINK I would get the single handle chopping block…think….hmmm 🙂

  6. Megan Udala | 17th Jun 16

    The doucette! I’m in the market for a new coffee table ☕️❤️

  7. Brittany Joiner | 17th Jun 16

    So many pretty things to choose from!! To keep it nice and sweet, I would choose the tobacco basket pair. It would be an amazing addition to our new home. ❤️ thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Amanda Lagunes | 17th Jun 16

    The paper magnolia wreaths!!! I love them!

  9. Shelley S | 17th Jun 16

    If I won the GC to The Painted Fox I think I’d order The Jacob lamp and one of their great totes! So many amazing pieces to choose from!

  10. Cari Hall | 17th Jun 16

    My goodness, I don’t even know where to start!!! My husband, and I are moving in August so if I won the gift card, I would go crazy buying all the adorable decor pieces!! They would bring our new home together so perfectly! 🙂

  11. allhoneydesign | 17th Jun 16

    If I won the gift card I’d be tempted to get the set of tobacco baskets or put it towards the rustic teardrop lighting! ✨✨✨

  12. Candace | 17th Jun 16

    If I win, I’d love a three tiered tray for our bathroom.

  13. tiffany | 17th Jun 16

    This wish list ?? that couch is amazing, the wooden slats and the mug rack! Painted fox has gorgeous items!!

  14. Laura Foster | 17th Jun 16

    Seriously! Wow! My head would spin if I won $150 gift card to spend on anything! I couldn’t think of just one or two things I would want them all as I am obsessed with everything

  15. Erika Mosquera | 17th Jun 16

    With $150 to spend I would spend it on the cute wooden arrows and the blue bread box.

  16. sarahjwensley | 17th Jun 16

    I love the globe pouf! My basement is a travel theme so it would fit perfectly.

  17. binghamnichole | 17th Jun 16

    Love it all! If I win the gift card I would get one of Painted Fox’s beautiful tiered trays, probably the Eloise or the Dear Lillie. Thank you for doing this giveaway!!

  18. Shari Homan | 17th Jun 16

    I think I would have to get the magnolia wreath if I won!! I’ve been eyeing those for a while!!! 🙂

  19. Melissa | 17th Jun 16

    Hi birdiefarm! I’m new to painted fox but really love their “this is a new day, a new beginning sign.” We are moving out of state in a month and I would just love to be able to purchase this sign for our new house!

    • Melissa | 17th Jun 16

      Edit: * “This is the beginning of a new day” sign

  20. Michelle Callahan | 18th Jun 16

    If I was fortunate enough to win the gift card, I would definitely get the Farmers Market sign. I’ve been looking at it forever!! ?

  21. Chell | 18th Jun 16

    The ammo canisters are on the short list but my heart really wants the seed bin cabinet ❤️ What a fun collection of gathered goodies great job ❤️ Chell @paper.whites.decor

  22. socraftysewcreative | 18th Jun 16

    If I was lucky enough to win the giftcard from Painted Fox, I would purchase the beautiful angle wings I have had my eye on for sometime..there is so many goodies to choose from but that is my favorite.

  23. Brianan | 19th Jun 16

    I would use the gift card for the mass on jar rack ! Great blog happy to follow ?

  24. Debbie Mays | 19th Jun 16

    I would use the gift card to purchase the mason jar rack, or tobacco baskets…you blog is beautifully written!

  25. Lindsay Smith | 19th Jun 16

    I would use it towards the Mary Grace! That is a beautiful piece.

  26. Sharon @nwurbanfarmgirl | 19th Jun 16

    If I won I’d love one of the magnolia wreaths!

  27. Christy T | 19th Jun 16

    Just entered your giveaway on Instagram and feel like I already one by discovering The Painted Fox ?. If I won, I would have such a hard time deciding. Maybe The Waverly because I live galvanized metal and am obsessed with compartments and cubbies, but I also love those cupcake stands and if I’m in a generous mood, *might* snag the happy campers as a gift for my mom’s new fifth wheel.

  28. LeAnna Bowman | 19th Jun 16

    There are so many adorable things! If I won $150, I think I would love to get a Farmhouse sign! I need to add some vintage goodness to my kitchen!

  29. somedaymama | 19th Jun 16

    How could I possibly pick a favorite!? I literally love em all. But I’d have to say the wooden beads, chandelier, and mason jar holder are really calling my name. Love!!!

  30. thykes10 | 19th Jun 16

    Ahh we’re getting ready to move so winning this would be awesome!! I love the mason jar rack and the rustic raindrops are just stunning!

  31. Sophia Lesher | 21st Jun 16

    It would be terribly difficult to pick just one thing! Everything is so beautiful! The mason jar rack has been on my wishlist for a long time now and my Rae Dunn mugs need a place to hang out where I can look at them! So, the mason jar rack would be my first selection 🙂

  32. Tracy Habern | 21st Jun 16

    If i won the amazing giftcard I think I would buy the mason jar rack. I have run out of room on mine haha

  33. Mona Dobrzynski | 21st Jun 16

    If I won I would be SO overwhelmed but would in time narrow down my purchase! Everything is so beautiful!

  34. Mary Kennerly | 21st Jun 16

    If I won the $150 Gift Card, I would be overjoyed and I probably would have a hard time deciding on what I would want because there’s just so much goodness! A few things I have had my eyes on however, are the mason jar rack, the magnolia wreath and who can forget the rustic raindrop light! ???

  35. Mary Kennerly | 21st Jun 16

    If I won the $150 Gift Card, I would be so overjoyed that I’d probably have a hard time deciding! However, a few things I’ve had my eyes on are the mason jar rack, the magnolia wreath and who could forget the rustic raindrops light! ???

  36. Kathryn Dixon | 22nd Jun 16

    If I was lucky to win the painted fox gift card I would love to buy the enlgish sparrow tiered trays!!

  37. Kathryn Dixon | 22nd Jun 16

    If I was lucky to win the painted fox gift card. I would love to use it for the purchase of the English sparrow tiered tray!!

  38. Kathryn Dixon | 22nd Jun 16

    If I was lucky to win the painted fox gift card. I would love to purchase the English sparrow tiered tray!

  39. Nicki Roode | 22nd Jun 16

    What an amazing page! I’m so thrilled I found you. If I won your amazing giveaway I’d have to say the romance sign. In honor of my amazing husband.
    It would fit us perfectly. Thanks for this great post! I can’t wait to get caught up on your blog! Lovely!

  40. VintageSquirrel | 22nd Jun 16

    I would love the rustic raindrops light fixture!

  41. Jolenemadison | 22nd Jun 16

    I would definitely go with the mason jar rack!! I have been wanting one for a while now! This would be the perfect opportunity. What a great giveaway!!

  42. DeidreSH | 22nd Jun 16

    I love the mason jar rack. It’s my favorite!

  43. Joanna Warren | 22nd Jun 16

    The Liz Marie would be absolutely perfect in the new home we’re moving into and renovating in just a few weeks!

  44. Joanna Warren | 22nd Jun 16

    The Liz Marie would be perfect for the house we’re buying and renovating in just a few weeks!

  45. Robin W. | 22nd Jun 16

    If I won the $150 gift card I would spend it in a split second!!! Those chopping blocks are amazing!! The canvas purses- oh my!!

  46. Jessica | 22nd Jun 16

    Tobacco baskets all the way???

  47. Jessica | 22nd Jun 16

    I have wanted tobacco baskets for ever!! So I would snatch those right up.

  48. Laara | 22nd Jun 16

    Hi Lucy! I am really enjoying looking through your blog! I would like to comment for your 10K giveaway on what I would get from the Painted Fox if I won. It is so hard to pick, but some of my favorites were the Paper Magnolia Wreath, the Vintage Roe Deer Mount and also the Vi rage Farmers Market sign. Not sure how I would decide it is all amazing!! Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! I would be thrilled to win! ~Laara @laarapom

  49. Katlin | 22nd Jun 16

    Oh goodness, if I won the giftcard I would be in heaven! My boyfriend and I will be moving into our first house next month and I could start off my decorating right away! It’s so hard to choose but at the moment I think I would go for either the tobacco baskets or the mason jar rack! Thank you so so much for the chance 🙂

  50. Mel | 23rd Jun 16

    If I won the card I would love to order a mug drying rack.

  51. Cindy | 23rd Jun 16

    Oh mercy, I want it all! Love the mason jar rack, the tobacco baskets and the farmhouse sign! Thank you for the opportunity to win! ☺

  52. Jen (lovethisdesigns) | 23rd Jun 16

    If I won the $150 I would put it towards lighting to go over my new dreamy farmhouse that was just delivered this week!

  53. casadepollos | 23rd Jun 16

    If I won the GC, I would HAVE to have the farmers market sign for my kitchen! I would also love a tote, or… of EVERYTHING! I’m thinking it would take me quite a while to choose. May even just apply the gift card towards multiple large purchases that I would then promptly hide from the fiancé! “What? THAT old thing? It’s been there honey!”

  54. janicey7 | 23rd Jun 16

    I would definitely buy those tobacco baskets! ???

  55. Heather Rodriguez | 23rd Jun 16

    If I won I would love the ammo canisters for so many reasons! Those are fantastic and the mason jar holder is very useful as well!

  56. Rhonda | 23rd Jun 16

    Oh how I love Painted Fox! I would love the Dear Lillie Tray or the Farmer’s Market sign…. Actually, I want it all!!! Haha!

  57. Deb | 23rd Jun 16

    I would love to get the farmers market sign but this is s hard choice since everything is exceptionally farm-lish-us!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  58. Jessica Thoms | 23rd Jun 16

    I would love to have the chopping block. I share your love of them!

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