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You guys! I am so very excited to announce that I have partnered with Painted Fox! When you shop the Birdie Farm Collection on the Painted Fox website,  you will receive 30% off using the code: FaLaLa30

I have been an über fan of Painted Fox for a loooong time now, and could not be more thrilled to share how much I love their products with you all! Here is what is in the Birdie Farm Collection! I ❤️??

BLISS Canvas Utility Bagimg_2836-1

The BLISS canvas utility bag is everything I thought it would be and more! It’s of the utmost quality, absolutely stunning, and holds everything this mama of four needs when out and about with the kiddos. Not to mention, it’s the perfect size overnight bag! I cannot say enough good thing about this bag…I’m OBSESSED!

 Fritzy, Fox Cookie Jar

Oh Fritzy, how I adore you! He is superb, y’all! I love him. He’s cute as all get out, actually big enough to hold a batch of cookies, and is the best pop of color a kitchen could ask for!

 Horse Weathervane

Oh my galvanized goodness! I never knew I could love a weathervane so much! It’s a great size, not too big for console decor, but big enough to make a statement!

 Spindle and Rye Trio

Okay, you guys, twine has got to be in my top three of favorite accessories. Vintage goodness, and a use it for stuff ALL.THE.TIME! Curtain tie backs, napkin rings, and when you can’t find a hair tie ;)!

 Old Getty : Wooden Horse

Oh baby, Old Getty is SO beautiful! I teared up when I opened the package..for real! This guy is a show stopper! Spectacular carved wood, he’s masculine and refined all at the same time!

 The Queen of Diamonds

So I was looking for a great colorful pillow addition, and I certainly found it in this diamond pillow! Y’all, its velvet, and deliciously cozy!

 Whispers in the Pines

These boys make me so happy! They’re rustic, refined, elegant, and the distressing is perfection! One of my absolute favorite things is when you find something that is masculine, but also elegant and romantic! Not easy to find, and these baby fit that to a T!

Farmhouse Natural Wood Slat

I use these slats EVERYWHERE! They are the perfect coaster, because they don’t break, I have four kiddos so that’s a MUST! Plus they are just fabulous at creating height and texture in a vignette!

Streets of Old Milwaukee

These are my favorite pillar candle holders of ALL TIME! I had to get a second set because I love them that much!!!

The Corbel Pair

These are the coolest sconces on the planet! I have an obsession with vintage corbels, and this plays off of that beautifully! The burlap shade shape is amazing!

Mason Jar Rack

This mason jar rack (or Rae Dunn mug rack ?) is one of my absolute favorite kitchen accessories! It’s large, so you can actually use it for super attractive storage in your kitchen!

Margaret Collection

It’s so hard to find a combination of bedding that is romantic without feeling too feminine, and the Margaret Collection has such a beautiful balance of both! Not to mention, the comfy & cozy factor is out of this world! Seriously, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven!

Vintage Sack Ottoman

img_4545-1This pouf is the coolest! It’s fantastic for additional seating, or even as a side table! I use the wood slat to set on top of the grain sack pouf to set drinks on! The texture and color is just fabulous!

Enameled Bread Box

The enameled bread box is a farmhouse kitchen staple! It holds several loaves of bread, and adds so much vintage charm!

You Are My Sunshine Pillow

Sugarboo has such an amazing pillow collection, and this one is my absolute favorite! It makes the PERFECT gift for a loved one, or is just a fabulous addition to any pillow collection! I can’t express enough the amazing quality of this pillow!

Farmhouse Kitchen Towel Set

I loooove these farmhouse kitchen towels! They’re the best, and they get super soft with each wash!

Recycled Amo Canister

The recycled amo canisters are one of my absolute favorites to decorate with! They have a crazy amount of character, and adding a galvanized piece to a space really punches of the farmhouse industrial factor!

Retail therapy + 30% off = shopping spree!!!!
Have fun you guys! Don’t forget to use the code FaLaLa30 at checkout! Click here to see the Birdie Farm Collection at Painted Fox!


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