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What’s more fun then gathering together for delicious drinks, yummy food, and great company?! There is nothing quite like hosting a brunch! It’s laid back, low stress, and tons of fun! I’m hosting a brunch for my girlfriends, and am excited to share with you all what I’ve put together!

One of my favorite things about hosting a brunch is that formality can be thrown out the window. There’s a lot of freedom to be creative, because you don’t have to worry about place settings, making larger centerpiece possible. Everything is finger food, so if you have some small vintage china, nows the time to use it!

Fresh cut flowers, and greenery add so much warmth and charm! Not to mention they smell divine! I love Iris’s in Painted Fox’s ammo canister! Peonies and holly in a vintage green jar is an unexpected combination and adds so much color and texture to the space!

French brioche on a beautifully chunky chopping board, jam + brie + crackers on an awesome cutting board, and delicious muffins on a wood slab.

I made a Pomegranate spritzer* and topped it off with a beautiful mint leaf, and it tastes as delicious as it looks! (You can find the recipe at the end of this post!)

All kinds of yummy finger foods! Mini donuts on a cute galvanized cake stand.

I used a holiday garland as the centerpiece, adding some apricot roses, and sliced pomegranate for some gorgeous color and great texture.

Anyone else completely obsessed with copper Moscow Mule mugs?! I just love the texture of the hammered copper mugs!

The Mega Mug Rack from Painted Fox is PERFECT for hanging mugs! Friends can grab the mug of their choice, and fill with coffee or tea.

I love using a bench on one side of the table for extra seating, and a cozy feel! Painted Fox has a gorgeous bench very similar to this one, The Toulouse. And speaking of cozy, adding throw blankets and pillows makes it even cozier! I used a couple of creamy knit throws, and a sweet tartan throw to add a punch of color!

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I hope you found some wonderful inspiration! Lots of love to all of you! xoxo Lucy Rose

Pomegranate Spritzer Recipe

Yield: 1 Drink

Total Time: 5 Minutes


•about 1 – 2 Tablespoons (15-30ml) fresh or concentrate pomegranate juice *for fresh, see note 1 for extracting

•2 teaspoons (10ml) simple syrup

•6 ounces (180ml) sparkling water or club soda


1Add pomegranate juice, sugar and water. (Add pomegranate seeds if you are so inclined)  Pour into glasses filled with ice.

2Add additional sugar, or pomegranate juice to personal taste, sweetness and tartness.

*Note 1: Extracting Pomegranate Juice. Here is a great tutorial on how to open a pomegranate without looking like a murder scene. Once you have separated seeds, place them in a medium bowl and muddle together until all the juice is extracted. Keep the seeds in if you want for crunchy textures.

Note 2:

Simple Syrup Ingredients

•2 cups (480ml) Water

•2 cups (400g) Sugar

Simple Syrup Directions

1Combine water and sugar in a medium saucepan. Heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Set aside to cool. After cool, store in refrigerator until ready to use.

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  1. Joanna Keel | 27th Jan 17

    Be still my heart! I love every detail about this! The rustic wood with the feminine roses, the copper, everything!!

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