I am beyond blessed to have so many family heirlooms ? It’s a beautiful reminder of the incredible people that left them behind. This daybed belonged to my grandma Rosemary and it lives in our living room framing the picture window. I haven’t been able to settle on the fabric to adorn this beauty, and I wanted to see if y’all could help me decide on a look! I’d LOVE it if you’d leave a comment with the number (will be listed under the picture) of your favorite, or any recommendations you might have! Thanks so much lovies! 

1. Shabby

2. Cottage 

3. Cutie 

3. Farm

4. Farm II

5. Eclectic

6. Cozy

7. Bohemian farm

Thank you for stopping by my friends! I look forward to reading your thoughts!  xoxo lr


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Birdie Farm

Birdie Farm

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  1. Kelly O'Donovan | 18th Aug 16


  2. Auntie Laurie | 18th Aug 16

    I like 3 and 4 the best. Hard choices for sure! I love the happy sunflower motif and I also love the farmer coffee, pick up and red check.
    I love you, sweet Lucy Rosie!

  3. Honor Hill | 18th Aug 16

    I think Cottage is my fave, with Cutie and Farm tied for second. But it’s too hard! I love them all!!

  4. lyn moon | 29th Aug 16

    I understand your dilemma but number 7- bohemian farm is my favorite. You could use them all and change them out every few months.:)

  5. Laurie Guzman | 9th Sep 16

    Farm. The pillows are too cute.

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