A post dedicated to the clawfoot tub

The claw foot tub is a truly timeless piece. If you’re talking decor versatility, the claw foot tub would be at the top of the list. With all of the differ color combinations, this piece can go from classic traditional, to rustic farmhouse, to glamorous decor, to modern, to shabby chic! I mean, talk about versatility! These are some of my favorite applications!

This is absolutely, hands down, the most incredible claw foot tub application I have ever seen! Tucked into a private nook, with the architectural salvage header, gorgeous drapery, and gorgeous tile defining the space is pure brilliance! Romantic, rustic, elegance at its very finest!

Gorgeous white on white, timeless, and ever lovely! Simply beautiful.

The combination of white and brass with this stunning drapery display, knocks me off my feet!

How refreshing is this blue on white ensemble?! Clean and crisp and oh so lovely!

Another gorgeous white on white! Beautifully refined farmhouse feel!

I absolutely adore this!

How cool is this?! The matte black on this gorgeous white and black tile!

Eclectic, unique, and fun, this bathroom is filled with character!

I LOVE the white with black feet! So classic, and so perfect for this farmhouse space!

Glamorous, ethereal beauty!

Another stunner! That taupe with matching feet! So dreamy!

I’m dying over this color!!! With Matt black feet, stunning black and white tile, brass plumbing, and white lace!!! So creative, and all marry so well!

Can you say romance?!

No words.

This white on white let this tile pop, but still remains the star of the show!


Did you ever think a tub could feel so romantic and so masculine all at once?!

Timeless, and effortless. Just {sigh}

That color! Those shelves! Every time I see this picture I fall in love all over again!

Très chic! Gah, there are not enough synonymous for perfect to use here!

At the end of the day, you don’t even need anything more than just a claw foot tub, some bubbles, and candles!

This is one of my favorite spots in our house! Tucked away, romantic, with a touch of rustic to tie into the rest of our house!

Thank you for stopping by lovies! Hope you were inspired! xoxo


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