Brighten your whites, naturally

There is nothing quite like bright white sheets, towels, sinks, tubs, etc., but how do you keep them from yellowing? Clorox is so harsh, and I don’t love the smell, so I went on the hunt for a natural whitener that works, and it just so happens you probably already have these things in your pantry!

What you’ll need:

Basin full of warm water

Juice of two lemons

1 cup distilled white vinegar

2 tbsp dawn blue soap

1/4 cup baking soda

Who knew that lemon was a natural whitener?! I certainly did not, but I can tell you after using it, it’s pure, yummy smelling, magic! ?✨

Let your whites soak for at least 30 minutes. If there’s a stain, I let it soak over night.
Throw in the washing machine on the rinse spin cycle, and then dry on low setting in the dryer…or line dry!

Voila! Happy cleaning my friends!


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