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Hi my sweet friends! I always wished to have a simple life out in the country, but never actually thought it would come to fruition. We were blessed to come accross this property at the right place and right time, and were able to build our dream home ? Words cannot express my gratitude for being able to live here and raise our kids here. There is just something so tonic about living in the countryside. I’ve had some inquiries about the layout of Birdie Farm, so I thought I’d give y’all a tour of our home!

Welcome to Birdie Farm!

Greeted by the cutest sign in the world by one of my best friends Laney ? Click picture to be directed to her etsy shop!

My husbands and my goal was to have an open floor plan that still felt cozy! It’s so nice to be able to see the kiddos playing while cooking in the kitchen, or to be able to chat with visitors in the dining room while cooking…I must cook a lot ? in any case, back to the tour!

Our bedroom is right of the living room and entryway through the “Birdie Farm” door. My friend Megan made me this sign! Click picture to be directed to her shop! 

The kitchen bar is where the kiddos eat breakfast and do their homework ? We use it a lot more than I was expecting to which is super fun!

The pups are our four legged family members, meet Beau!

My favorite little nook! The coffee bar!

The dining room is right off the kitchen and entry ?

View looking up in the dining room. We really loved the idea of the house being open, and being able to hear the kiddos playing upstairs while chatting in the dining room.

View from the entry up the staircase. And you can see the kitchen too! So far so good with the open floor plan!

Light fixture above the entry, and the bridge to the extra bedroom we added while building when we found out we were having baby #4!

View down the stairs. We used rebar for the staircase spindles, and pipes for the handle pictured on the left (code said there had to be one, and I think it turned out pretty cool!)

We put our kiddos initials in the steps ?

We made it upstairs!

View from above the dining room 

Boys bathroom. We installed galvanized metal roofing for the siding and I couldn’t be happier with it! Bonus: super easy to clean!

I had this tub painted an antique pink for the girls bathroom and they LOVE it!

Boys bathroom

Laundry room- we won’t be peeking behind the curtains today because it’s a disaster area ?

Bunk room/ Dormitory perfect for sleep overs and company

Let’s head back downstairs! 

Coffee nook shelves 

View peeking around the coffee nook

Screen porch off of the coffee nook directly to the left, and the living room through that open door. 

Okay to the master!


Screen porch off of the master bedroom. Our sanctuary

Outside the screen porches 

Little bird playing in the pond ?

My hubby built the pond last year and it’s just been amazing seeing all the wildlife in the mornings and evenings! We live out here in the summertime! 
Thank you for stopping by lovies! I hope you enjoyed the tour! xoxoxo lr


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Birdie Farm

Birdie Farm

Hi! I’m Lucy Rose, and welcome to my farmhouse lifestyle blog!



  1. Sandra | 2nd Aug 16

    How blessed you are to be living in such a wonderful place, I have enjoyed this home tour , to see it on a larger scale than on IG is great. I enjoy your posts there very much.
    Have a great dat !
    Sandra (sandrakhome)

  2. Suzy @ Worthing Court | 2nd Aug 16

    Wow – simply fabulous! And what an amazing view!

  3. Cheryl | 5th Aug 16

    So very lovely! You and your husband have created a wonderful home!

  4. W | 15th Aug 16

    Beautiful home

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  6. Harmony Hartley | 27th Aug 16

    You have a horse picture on your post today that I have had tagged on Pinterest for goin on two years now and I can’t find this particular picture!!! Can you please tell me where you got the black and white horse head pic!!! I’ve been searching forever it seems lol !!


    • Birdie Farm
      Birdie Farm | 1st Sep 16

      Hi! I got it from ZGallerie!

  7. hollyks | 27th Aug 17

    Hi! I have been admiring your Colorado home ever since I found your blog, It’s beautiful. We have very similar Mountain Farmhouse style homes! 😉 We are also living in Colorado. I absolutely love your kitchen cabinets. Could you possibly share who built the cabinetry?

    • Birdie Farm
      Birdie Farm | 19th Sep 17

      Hi! Thank you so much! They’re by William Oh’s cabinetry 🙂

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