: Easter Basket Goodies

Everything you need for your Easter hunt from Amazon Prime! Because sometimes it creeps up on you, and you don’t want the scraps from your local super store…

For the basket…

Wire Egg Basket

Opt for a wire egg basket that you can use in your decor all year round!


Moss instead of Easter basket grass…because it’s prettier 😉 Bonus: re-use in home decor!

Mini Slate Chalkboard Labels

Perfect for basket name tags! Bonus: Re-useable in everyday decor!

Bunny Shades

How fun are these?! A cool spin on bunny ears!

Photo Props

Sooooo fun!!! Great for all ages!

Polaroid Camera

See Easter through your kiddos eyes! How fun to let them document they’re fun filled day!

Bunny Farts my kids are going to freak! I’m cracking up! Has “fart” ever looked so cute? 


Dinosaur Farts

Want your boys to think you’re the coolest mom EVER…dinosaur farts 👊

Pastel Coloring Pencils

Pastel pencils! Truthfully, I’ll probably be the one coloring…

Milk Bottles & Straws

For drinking lemonade while coloring!


Super soft, and a perfect size for an Easter basket

Floral Headbands

This has my oldest daughter’s name all over it!

For the hunt…

Golden Eggs to Hunt

I looove these! Opt for a metallic gold, instead of the run of the mill plastic egg!

To fill the eggs…

Mini Harry Potter Figurines

I about died when I saw these! Our house LOVES Harry Potter! Mini figurines are a fun addition to candy…sugar high is less intense 😉

Mini Lego Figurines

Egg sized Lego figurines?! My boys will think this is the best Easter EVER

Mini Dinosaurs

Super Fun Clip on Earrings

How stinkin’ cute are these clip on earrings?!

Flying Frogs

It’s the little things…this will probably be my kids favorite! What’s more fun then flinging frogs???

Food Erasers

Wow!!! These are ERASERS! This is for the older kids I imagine…my littles would try to eat these!

Rubber Bangle Bracelets

Oh I love, love, love these! Remind them what Easter truly stands for, and why they embody all of these things!

Happy hunting my friends!!! xoxoxo lr


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